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2538020308 / 253-802-0308 Phone Number Reverse Lookup
Phone Owner Unknown Name
Caller ID N/A
Caller Type Prank Caller
Type of Phone Landline
Carrier International telcom, ltd. - wa
City Auburn
State Washington
County N/A
County Population N/A
Local Timezone N/A
User Reports
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Posted: 11th Apr, 2013 by Alberta Canada
Called at 7:40 a.m. which woke me up. East Indian accent man called me by name and told me he was calling from Microsoft Windows and that they had received many error messages from my computer. I just said u huh, uhuh. Do you know there is a problem? I said just carry on with what you are saying. He then said your computer has been hacked by someone locally. I didn't say a thing and then HE said oh I don't want to talk to you. and hung up! This is not the first time they have called. And for some reason lately I have been getting a lot of error messages, and when they called the last time I had experienced them too. I am wondering how they have my name.
Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 18th Mar, 2013 by jennyg
called and told my grandmother her comp. was gonna get a virus. said he was from the f.b.i.
Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 13th Jan, 2012 by Hawaii_ms
I have noticed most of the reports are from the USA. I am in Manitoba, Canada. They found me here! A Man with East Indian accent. Said he wanted to talk about my computer - he was from MicroSoft. I thanked him and said I don't have a computer and hung up. I didn't give him time to say any more. By the way I am getting more and more of these calls - at least once a week.
Posted: 13th Jan, 2012 by Hawaii_ms
Man with East Indian accent. Said he wanted to talk about my computer - he was from MicroSoft. I thanked him and said I don't have a computer and hung up. I didn't give him time to say any more. By the way I am getting more and more of these calls - at least once a week.
Posted: 9th Nov, 2011 by Apple_Jaxx
Recieved a call from this number. When I answered the phone a woman with an east ndian accent asked for my husband. When I said he wasn't home and asked if she would like to leave a message all she said was "No" and hung up.
Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 21st Sep, 2011 by buzymomx3
Called at 7:22 pm had mssg of people talking not sure what they where saying. I don't know this num.
Phone owner: unknown name
Posted: 19th Sep, 2011 by Jon Mitchel
This call was from an automatic dialer that woke us up at 3:12 am this morning. My wife answered on the second ring and there was no answer. She called the above noted number and got a message that indicated that she was calling a government department!
Posted: 14th Sep, 2011 by member0718
this person called and since i don't recognize the number i let it go to voice mail. i then listened to the message and there were many people speaking in another language, nothing that i understood indian i believe, he never once addressed me no did he ever say hello. VERY ANNOYING. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!
Posted: 9th Sep, 2011 by Michael Joseph
its a scam to try to get you to activate the remote assistance function of your Windows based computer. people have had their machines taken over and banking information stolen and whatnot. don't call them back or give them any information. i have reported them to the FBI in the USA and the CBI in India. if you get a warning message form the government about them, then it is a legitimate warning so heed it. if you still get calls from this number, call your phone service provider and have them permanently block this number form calling you. due to the nature of this scam they should do it free of charge.
Posted: 8th Sep, 2011 by lp
calling back the number i am taken to federal trade commission. listen to recording,, telling me about scamming,, physhing to info.
Caller Type: Telemarketer
Posted: 8th Sep, 2011 by Gizmo
There is never anyone on the line when I answer the phone. I got several calls over the past few days. Very annoying. When I dial the number back a recording comes on that says I have reached the Federal Trade Commission telling me that the caller is not a legitimate caller and more or less I am being scammed. How can this be stopped? Now I don't answer the calls anymore.
Posted: 1st Sep, 2011 by hamilton
The caller was had an East Indian accent. They caimed to be with microsoft. The said they got a warning from my computer and that there is an error. They said that the computer was going to crash at any minute. I told them to call me back in 15 minutes after I called my spouse. They never ended up calling back.
Phone owner: Unknown Name | Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 26th Aug, 2011 by kirk587
No one spoke. They just stayed on line until I hung up.
Posted: 26th Aug, 2011 by Michael Joseph
i have received calls from this number a few times in the last week. always an East Indian accent, always from a MSN 'partner' and always saying that my computer has some kind of virus or spyware. i know for a fact that my machine is clean, i built and maintain it myself. i reported these jerks to the FBI in the USA as the number is a Washington state area code and i live in Canada. i also reported this to the CBI (central bureau of investigation) in India just to be sure. CBI cyber crime division email address: report these criminals and help put an end to this hijack scam.
Posted: 23rd Aug, 2011 by Suzyq
Well i jut got his number like 2 months ago under my FATHERS name and it was not anywhere on this computer he was sayin that microsoft was getting alot of reports which made me wonder cuz its a new numbeer under my dads name i just kept askin him how he got the number nd hung up he called back and i just hung up no time for this shit
Phone owner: unsure | Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 23rd Aug, 2011 by R.U.Kidding
Said he was calling from Microsoft, asked him to remove me from calling list and he asked for payment to be put on list. Asked to speak with his supervisor but he asked me not to complain as he would lose his job. He agreed not to call again.
Caller Type: Telemarketer
Posted: 22nd Aug, 2011 by ke
Called with a middle eastern accent, asking for me, insisted that he had information about my laptop computer. I didn't give him any information, and then hung up.
Caller Type: Prank Caller
Posted: 19th Aug, 2011 by Anonymous
Gentleman with an middle eastern accent tried to say they were from HP Assistant Technical Support and were receiving a report that there was malicious activity being detected on my windows based computer. He did not know his area code for his phone number when asked what number he was calling from and would not provide his phone number, just said they were calling from miami florida. He claims to have the cuid and other serial numbers for the computer - originally stated that they would do the work and then changed story to I would be doing to work not them and they would not have access to our systems.
Posted: 18th Aug, 2011 by enticer
Called and said my computer has a virus. Told me to turn on my computer so he could see what was going on. I told him "My coomputer is fine. You're full of shit". He said "ooooooo I'm full of shit"? I replied "yes. You're full of shit you fuckin cocksucker" and hung up the phone. My brother had the same phone call a couple of weeks ago. Some Indian calling me. I'd like to have him in my garage for 5 minutes.
Phone owner: R
Posted: 18th Aug, 2011 by esenterre
An indian that tried to call me about my system, trying to show me the event log of Windows to impress me. First time ever that kind of call. It's so weird!
Caller Type: Prank Caller
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